It is awe inspiring to know, on a cellular level, we humans have memories far beyond the years in which our individual brains have been conscious. 25  years. 50 years. 75 years. However ever old you are, your cells are older and wiser. Your brain is no match for your cell memory of thousands of years.

Perhaps better put, our genes are older and wiser. Our ancestors have passed genes on that resonate with certain experiences in life. Particular happenings around us cause instinctual responses.

Sunday night while at a concert, Kings of Leon, I felt this sensation. I had known but two of their songs, however my cells quickly found rhythm with all of them. There was an overwhelming cellular attraction to move in unison, unison with both the music and with thousands of concertgoers to a beat founded upon a drum.

It is tribal. The beat of the drum; the energy of a mass of people; each the basis for unified nodding, swaying, humming, clapping, chanting, singing, jumping, and dancing.

You need not be a “hippie” to get this.

Our heart cells have been proven, when set alongside another heart cell beating at an entirely different beat, to soon find a shared beat, both pulsating at the same exact time.

Remember this minuscule fact when living out your days.  Our cells are eager to get tribal.

Take time away from your desk. Find rhythm with the world around you.
BUZZWORD: Halo Effect
“The halo effect is a term used in marketing to explain the bias shown by customers towards certain products because of a favorable experience with other products made by the same manufacturer or maker. The opposite of the halo effect is “cannibalization”.

For example, if a customer buys product C which is made by company X, not because of the attributes or benefits of the product, but because he or she had a favorable experience with product D – another product made by company X, the purchased item is said to be prospering because of the halo effect.

A classic example of the halo effect is the relationship between the Mac notebooks and iPod. When the iPod was released, there was speculation in the market place that the sales of Apple’s Mac laptops would increase, because of the success of the iPod. The suggestion was that people or rather customers who had a great experience with the iPod would buy a Mac computer simply because it is made by Apple Inc.”


  1. Jesusita Fire nears 100% containment.  Community bill estimated at $125 million.
  2. Markets levels are slightly lower than the beginning of last week. Though the Dow is up to start the week, 8476.  S&P 500 at 907 and the Nasdaq at 1724.  Oil in at $58.
  3. First class airline passengers were down 19% in March.  Economy class were down 8% as global citizens continue pulling back on spending.  JetBlue extends refunds to those that have lost their jobs.
  4. Homebuilding fell to a record low in April, falling 12.8% from March.
  5. LIBOR experiences large declines in the last two days and inter-bank lending confidence grows.
  6. Western Conference Finals set for tonight: Los Angeles Lakers vs. Denver Nuggets. Eastern Conference Finals – Orlando Magic vs Cleveland Cavaliers.  UCSB to play host to the 2010 Men’s College Cup.


  • The firefighters hard work is coming to an end.  Our community has suffered, however their work mitigated the true risks that were upon us.
  • Flying first class may just get cheaper in the coming months as passenger demand is down.  As Beyonce says, “Upgrade YA”
  • Markets continue fighting upward.  Your 401K, at the moment, isn’t deteriorating quicker than the money you’re putting into it.
  • The LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate), a key indicator of banks confidence in other banks ability to pay back funds borrowed, has dropped dramatically over the last few days.  This proves their belief in one another’s viability in a seemingly unstable market.  My money, checking / savings accounts, feels a bit safer as a result.
  •  The Lakers are going to dominate the Nuggets tonight.


  • Construction starts often offer a good future indicator of the housing markets progress.  If construction companies aren’t seeing the demand, they won’t start new projects.  The recent data proves their uneasiness to get going with any new developments, whether risky or not.  More tough times could be ahead.
  • Lower flight usage means people are staying home.  They aren’t seeing the world.  They aren’t stepping outside their bubble to connect with those different than their selves.


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Live and Be Well,

Jeff Bochsler

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